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Range Testing

Advanced Laser Systems Technology (ALST) was founded in 1987 by engineers with a history in lasers and defense electronics, from companies including Martin Marietta, International Laser Systems, and Laser Photonics.  Located in Orlando, Florida, a vibrant location for electro-optics, laser design and manufacturing, ALST has continued to attract and retain a talented pool of labor with broad defense industry experience and extensive laser expertise.

Circuit Testing

In the early years, ALST introduced a revolutionary new system enabling cost effective laser medical procedures in under-developed countries around the world.  By 1990, ALST profitably divested the medical portion of the business to Surgical Laser Technologies in order to focus on the core business of military-grade lasers for ISR, fire control, navigation and MASINT. 

Over the following decades, ALST was selected time and again by NASA, DOD and military prime contractors and integrators to provide proven laser systems for a wide portfolio of platforms.  Joining the L-3 Communications family of companies in 2005, ALST has continued to develop its capabilities through improving and investing in personnel, facilities and technology.

Extreme Temperature Testing

For nearly a quarter century, L-3 ALST has designed and delivered thousands of lasers for fielded customer applications spanning “Submarines to Satellites” including shipboard, ground and airborne assets.  ALST is standard kit on many mainstream military programs and has a track record of reliability, accuracy and ease of use over the course of tens of millions of laser shots fired.

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