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Network Encryption

L-3 RedEagle™, KG-245A & KG-245X
NSA Certified

CS-East's RedEagle product line provides users with reliable Cyber Security for U.S. National, Joint/Coalition and Homeland Security missions at classification levels up to Top Secret/SCI. CS-East provides the only 10G (KG-245X) IP Type 1 solution available for network backbone applications. Our KG-245A network encryptor provides a full-tactical 1G solution for any range of environments.

Foreign Interoperable
Current HAIPE Software
Tactical Environments
NetCentric Security
Product Overviews:
KG-245A, 1Gbps
KG-245X, 10 Gbps
Common HAIPE Manager
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RedEagle Family Datasheets:
KG245A datasheet
  KG245X datasheet
L-3 Communication's Type-1 encryption technology is part of the DoD's "Defense in Depth" strategy and considered only a portion of an overall defense in depth implementation. A comprehensive network Information Assurance strategy involving 'Defense in Depth' is required to ensure secure and reliable protection for sensitive and classified information. Incorporating NetHawk VPN Technology Licensed by SafeNet Inc. HAIPE® is a registered trademark of the National Security Agency. Specification is subject to change without prior notice.