HAIPE® INE Solutions
Network Enabled Security

NetCentric Security
Foreign Interoperable HAIPE
Current HAIPE Software Versions

Data Sheets:
KG-240A, 100Mbps HAIPE
KG-245A, 1Gbps HAIPE
KG-245X, 10Gbps HAIPE

Product Overviews:
KG-240A, 100Mbps Product Overview
KG-245A, 1Gbps Product Overview
KG-245X, 10Gbps Product Overview
Common HAIPE Manager Product Overview
KG-245A Tactical Environment

Current Certification & Release Plans

   KG-245 NSA Certificate
   KG-245A NSA Certificate
   KG-240A Rel 3.0 NSA Certified January 26, 2009
   KG-245A Rel 3.0 NSA Certified January 26, 2009
   KG-240A Rel 3.1 NSA Certified July 28, 2010
   KG-245A Rel 3.1 NSA Certified July 13, 2010
   KG-245X Rel 3.0 NSA Certified May 25, 2010
   KG-245X Rel 3.1 NSA Certified February 5, 2011

                    Common HAIPE®
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Technical, Sales Support, Ordering (NSA Contact and L-3 Direct Sales)
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Pricing and Ordering:
There are two ways to procure the RedEagle KG-240A, KG-245A and KG-245X:
1) Purchase off of IDIQ contract and MIPR funding to MPO.
   • RedEagle Family IDIQ Contract Price List (Government Only)
2) Purchase Directly from L-3 Communications. These can be either credit/impact card
    purchases or purchase order arrangements.
   • RedEagle Direct Sale Price List