Secure Terminal Equipment
NSA Certified 

STE SCIP Upgrade Information
STU-III Replacement

STE Family Data Sheets:
Office STE Data Sheet
STE-R Data Sheet
Tactical STE Data Sheet
Data STE
• Secure Voice Conference System (SVCS)
Product Overview

Current Certification & Release Plans

   • STE Type-1 NSA Certified
      - STE Rel. 2.8 Certificate - NSA Certified, Current Release
      - STE Rel. 2.7 Certificate
      - VoIP STE SW Rel. 1.2- NSA Certified, Current Release
      - STE Rel. 2.6 Certificate
      - VoIP STE Rel. 1.1 Certificate

   • STE SW Release Features
      - SW Rel. 2.8 Added Features
      - SW Rel. 2.7 Added Features
      - SW Rel. 2.6 Added Features
      - SW Rel. 2.5 Added Features
      - SW Rel. 2.4 Added Features
      - SW Rel. 2.3 Added Features
      - SW Rel. 2.1 Added Features
   • To download the FREE STE Software Releases please go to:
User Training Class Information

Technical, Sales Support, Ordering (NSA Contact and L-3 Direct Sales)
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Pricing and Ordering:
There are two ways to procure STE Secure Terminals:
1) Purchase off of IDIQ contract H98230-04-D-0402 and MIPR funding to MPO.
     • STE IDIQ Contract Price List (Government Only)
2) Purchase Direct Sale which are facilitated directly with L-3 Communications. These can be either credit/impact card purchases or purchase order arrangements.
     • STE Direct Sale Price List (Government and Approved Non Government Users)