L-3 CS-E is responsible for the development and production of the Integrated Voice Communications Systems (IVCS) for the Aegis Cruisers and Destroyers. MarCom IVCS is a full functioned tactical communications switching system supporting the demands of modern command and control systems. It integrates the intercom, tactical net, and administrative phone networks into one system accessing various types of communications terminals throughout the ship. One tactical terminal, the KEYSWITCH INTEGRATED TERMINAL EQUIPMENT (KITE), allow operator access to all communication systems, with a completely non-blocking architecture for both secure and non-secure applications.

L-3 CS-E provides even greater capability for the USS San Antonio Class (LPD-17) of amphibious ships. MarCom IVCS provides over 1000 conferences in any combination of conferences and participants. The LPD-17 MarCom system integrates the interior communications with simultaneous access to any number of interior and radio calls, providing the commander with a powerful advantage over less capable systems.

The MarCom is highly modular and is the ideal low cost solution for a wide variety of international ships or ground command and control centers.