Battlefield Anti-Intrusion System (BAIS) AN/PRS-9

The Battlefield Anti-Intrusion System (BAIS) is the US Army's type standard unattended physical security and force protection system. BAIS provides early warning, intrusion detection and threat classification of vehicles and personnel at the platoon level and at higher echelons. The system is used by infantry platoons to establish defensive positions and by military police units for the security of personnel or assets.

BAIS, also known as the Platoon Early Warning Device II (PEWD-II), is an upgrade to the obsolete Platoon Early Warning System (PEWS). The system is composed of one Hand Held Monitor (HHM) and a set of three Seismic/Acoustic Sensors (SAS). The system operates in all types of terrain, under extreme temperature and climatic conditions.

The basic set of three Seismic/Acoustic Sensors can be supplemented with infrared, long-range infrared and magnetic sensors to provide additional information such as target count and target direction.

The system is small and lightweight and is easily transported by a single warfighter in ALICE or MOLLE mission equipment packs.

The program is sponsored by the US Army Product Manager-Force Protection Systems (PM-FPS), Ft. Belvoir, VA.

MIL-Qualified ISR Operations
Proven Target Recognition Performance Force Protection
Reduced Size/Weight Special Operations Missions
Flexible Configuration Border Surveillance
COTS Batteries Intrusion Detection
Built-in Test and Alarms Counter Drug Missions
Lowest False Alarm Rate   
Software Upgradable   
Simple Operation   

To download a datasheet for BAIS (pdf format), click here.
To download a datasheet for BAIS-i (pdf format), click here.