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Crash Survivable Memory Unit
The L-3 Communications/Electrodynamics, Inc. (L-3 EDI) Crash-Survivable Memory Unit (CSMU) receives vehicle, subsystem and environmental parameters via several available communication interfaces, and stores these parameters in uncompressed form in EEPROM solid-state memory. It protects the data records from incidents and mishaps, to levels exceeding EUROCAE ED-55. The CSMU can be easily adapted to any aircraft. L-3 EDI can also supply a Flight Data Acquisition Unit suitable for operation with the CSMU.

Cleared byDoD/OFOISR for public release under reference number 04-S-1071 dated June 14, 2004.
512 KB EEPROM memory,
expandable to gigabytes of flash
100,000 memory write cycles
Power fail protection, memory management, and error detection for high integrity
Interface: RS-422 with optional MIL-STD-1553B, 10 Base-T Ethernet, IEEE1394A/B, Universal Serial Bus, microphone pre-amp.
Crash data extraction methods and equipment are available
Simple communications interface
Less than one bit error per million
BIT: power-on, commanded, periodic
RS-422 test bus
Exceeds EUROCAE ED-55 Crash survivability
Underwater locator beacon with replaceable battery
Suitable for Data, Audio and/or Video recording

The CSMU mounts in a survivable and accessible area of the vehicle, up to 100 feet from its data source. It contains a micro-controller, communication interfaces, power conditioner, crash survival memory and an externally mounted acoustic beacon. This highly reliable unit contains no moving parts or adjustments. It is suitable for circular loop rewrites as often as every 20 minutes or as long as 25 hours, for up to 17,000 operating hours. The memory format handles periodic and aperiodic parameters and events, with readafter- write and CRC error-detecting codes. All records are independent and self-documenting as stored. The unit is also suitable for audio and video recording.

Unit built-in test is performed on power-up or on external command. BIT status is available on the communication buses. Downloading can be performed after an incident or at any time. Card-level and chip-level data extraction equipment and test equipment are available at L-3 EDI. The unit is not field-repairable due to its unique construction. Cooling is by convection.

L-3 EDI, a leader in solid-state recorder technology, has also produced recorders for the B-1, B-2, F-4, T-45, F/A - 22 and JAS-39 air vehicles.

Size: Size: 3.0" H X 4.5" W x 6.5" L
Weight: 6.5 lbs. (< 5 lbs. in Titanium)
Power: +9 to +15 VDC @ 150mA, or 28VDC
Temperature range: -40 C to +71 C
Shock: 5100g/5-8 ms, six axis
Penetration: 10-foot drop of 500-lb weight, six-axis, 0.05 in2
Crush: 20,000 lbs. all orthogonal and major diagonal axes
Fire: 1100C for 60 minutes
Seawater immersion: 20,000 ft, 30 days
Fluids: Fuel, glycol, hydraulic, fire extinguishing, for 48 hours
MTBF: 30,000 hours (MIL-HDBK-217E)
Life: 17,000 hours operating, 30 years useful

This PDF contains a printable version of the hard copy catalog page. L-3 EDI 3005 CSMU.PDF
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