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DYNATIME® Subminiature Hour Meters
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DYNATIME® Digital Series Solid State
Hour Meters and Events Counters

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DYNATIME® Digital Series
Solid State, RS232 PC Board Mount Hour Meters and Events Counters

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Hour Meter Model
DDS232H solid-state hour meters have been developed to meet the most difficult requirements of many military and aerospace applications. In one PCB mount package, the DDS232H provides a highly reliable means of monitoring the system and provides an RS232/TTL output making it more compatible with industry standard electronic system design.
The indicator operates with 4.5 to 10 VDC and has a range of 99999.99 hours. In addition, the DDS232H has been tested to the MIL-M-7793/13 specification and can be applied to any severe environment.

Event Counter Model
The DDS232C solid-state Event Counter records counts when the unit receives power for greater than 5 seconds. Power-on times of less than 4 seconds will not cause the counter to increment, allowing the count to be read without affecting the results.  The count range is 9,999,999.
All connections, data collection, and the display of counts are made in the same manner as the DDS232H Hour meter.  The DDS232C Event Counter meets the requirements of M7793 and the same environmental, mechanical, and electrical specifications as the DDS232H.

Cleared by DoD/OFOISR for public release under reference number 06-S-1343 on April 20, 2006.

See dimensions.


. Monitors your system usage
RS232/TTL Output
PCB Mount
Non-Volatile Memory
Meets mechanical and environmental characterisitics of MIL-M-7793/13

Electrical Specifications
The meters meet or exceed applicable requirements of MIL-M-7793 M7793/13. Other ratings and configurations are also available.
Operating Voltage Range: 4.5 to 10 VDC
Ripple Voltage: 2 volt peak (4 volt peak-to-peak) ripple between 10 Hz and 10 kHz superimposed on 7.0 VDC.
Output Impedance: 465 ohms ± 10%
Logic Zero: Between 0.0 and +0.26 volts.
Logic One: Between +3.3 and +4.5 volts.
Power Consumption: 2 milliwatts, max.
Transient Protection: Operation when subjected to ±25 volt transients of 10 microsecond duration occurring at a 1 millisecond repetition rate.
Dielectric: Withstands 600VRMS (room) and 350 VRMS (altitude). applied between the power terminals (+5VDC and common) and an external ground that contact the meter case on the five sides without terminals.
Insulation. Resistance: MIL-STD-202, Method 302, Condition B
Accuracy: 0.1% over temperature/voltage range


Case Dimensions: 1.1" long x .450" wide x .275" high. See dimensional drawing below
Weight: Less than 0.2 ounces.
Time Range: 99999.99 hours
Count Range: 9,999,999
Meter Output: RS232/TTL


Temperature: -65 to +125°C (Operating)
Shock: MIL-STD-202, Method 213, Condition I
Vibration: MIL-STD-202, Method 204, Condition D
Life Accuracy: ± 0.1% from -65 to +125°C and 4.5 to 10 VDC


Models DDS232H and DDS232C

This PDF contains a printable version of the hard copy catalog page. L-3-EDI DDS232.pdf
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