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Ground-Base Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance (GEODSS)

The GEODSS telescopes along with highly sensitive digital camera technology are used for sky mapping at multiple locations around the globe.

Currently, there are three operational GEODSS sites that report to the 21st Space Wing at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado. They are responsible for tracking approximately 10,000 known man-made objects in orbit around the earth. These objects range from active payloads, such as satellites, to “space-junk” such as launch vehicle fragments and debris generated from satellite breakups. GEODSS transmits its orbital data to U.S. Strategic Commands Joint Space Operations Center located within Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

L-3 Integrated Optical Systems delivered the telescopes to the U.S.A.F. Space Command more than twenty years ago. These telescopes, with rapid step and settle capability, were recently returned to L-3 Brashear for refurbishment in 1998 to 2000.

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