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Our Legacy
For over 45 years, Linkabit has been a global leader in design, development and engineering. Linkabit specializes in SHF NCW SATCOM, Electronic Warfare Systems, HF/VHF Tactical Multi-band Software-Defined Radios, Threat Simulators and Millimeter Wave Obscuration Systems. We also integrate sophisticated ground-based SIGINT systems into mobile platforms such as Prophet and complicated intelligence systems into mobile tactical platforms for IMINT and GEOINT data collection and processing. Linkabit is located in San Diego, CA; Melbourne, FL; and Linthicum Heights, MD.
L-3 Linkabit Protected Transponded SATCOM (PTS) Modems Successful in Both Over-The-Air (OTA) Inmarsat-5 and WGS Satellite Emulator Testing
L-3 Linkabit Completes Successful Large-Scale Network Test With the Network-Centric Waveform
L-3 Linkabit Completes Successful NCW Multi-Beam Network Test Over WGS
L-3 Linkabit Wins Competitive Field Trial for Next-Generation Tactical On-The-March Electronic Support Measures System
12-14 October AUSA
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